Community and Civic Engagement

Wilshire Estates HOA Board Member (2011 - 2014)

Serving as Member-at-Large; Secretary; Webmaster
Redesigned and built the Wilshire Estates HOA Website

Peeples Elementary School Arts Committee Web Site (2012 - 2013)

Designed and Host the website.
This site was developed to support Peeples Cultural Arts Week held each year in May at Peeples ES.

Cub Scouts - 2009 - 2012
Den Leader (2009-2010); Awards Chairman (2011-2012)
Odyssey of the Mind - Erpenbeck ES 2009

My wife and I have taken on an Odyssey of the Mind team (at the request of our daughter) this year at Erpenbeck ES. At first we found the challenge interesting and enlightening - meeting twice a week for most of the semester. Now that our team has successfully competed at the local level and has moved on to State, we are exhilarated! This is a wonderful program that all students (and parents) need to experience.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Heart Center (2007-2010)

When asked to become a committee member for  the Health Center Family Advisory Council, I was very excited at the possibility of giving something back to the Hospital that had done such a remarkable job with my 4-year old son who had open-heart surgery. I have enjoyed serving on this committee and feel very strongly that it has a true purpose and vision that will benefit patients, families and the Health Center.

Junior Achievement Program (2007-2009)

I really enjoy any opportunity I get to return to the classroom. Over the past two years I have been privileged to be able to teach as part of the Junior Achievement Program at our neighborhood elementary school. Each year, I spend five days helping students understand local government and communities. They, in turn, recharge my batteries for the year! Their questions are so interesting and their love for learning is so remarkable.

Plantation Pointe Master Home Owners Association (2006-2008)

From January 2007 to December 2008, I  served as an elected member of the Plantation Pointe Master Home Owners Association. I represented my community of 167 homes. My services to this community included:

Revising and re-launching an updated version of the PPMHOA website.

Developed a local community blog for each subdivision in Plantation Pointe.
Lobbying for improvements such as new playgrounds for our community which will be installed in 2009.
Working with our association and neighborhood elementary school to build community awareness through combined charity and fundraising events.