Conference Pad

With Conference Pad, you can control up to 15 iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches from your presentation device simultaneously and wirelessly using bluetooth or wifi technologies.

Conference Pad is a great tool for making a lasting impression using a multi-iPad replacement for the traditional "Powerpoint and slide-printouts."

Conference Pad shows PDFs, which means that presentations in other forms must be converted for use. Fortunately, Conference Pad Loader, a free app for Mac OS X available from, can use Keynote to automatically convert Keynote and Powerpoint presentations to PDF before sending them wirelessly to Conference Pad on your device.

You can...

1. Zoom and pan within the screen with instantaneous speed and full clarity at all zoom levels
2. Viewers can also control their own zoom within the current slide
3. Laser pointer by tapping and holding
4. Set your audience free to explore the presentation with a single tap, then regain control when desired
5. Password protected access to your presentations