Online discussions are not just for online classes!

With [TodaysMeet][1], you can have an ongoing (online) discussion in your face-2-face classroom as well as your online classroom. Just open a new meeting room, allow your participants to connect with their Active Personal Technologies (APT) and you are up and running.

With TodaysMeet, students can join the conversation, quietly, get answers from the presenter or other attendees (classmates), and continue with their learning activities.

You can:

1. keep the class focused on current topics or presentations
2. avoid unnecessary interruptions during presentations
3. archive questions and responses that are shared through TodaysMeet for review later

TodaysMeet can let you integrate “background discussions,” which are private and topical to the content being presented. You can even extend the conversation beyond the classroom by days or months if you prefer.

APT refers to smart phones, tablets, computers, or any device capable of connecting to a shared network]