Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is an easy to use, "screen recorder". It works by capturing everything on your screen (or selected portions if you like), your voice (via microphone) and even video (camera) and turning it into a single movie file you can share with your students. There are many ways to use camtasia relay. Some strategies are listed below.

1) Record lectures/presentations which contain multimedia elements.

2) Create a procedural tutorial

3) Send instructions or examples to students

4) Provide recorded feedback on assignments

Have you ever thought of using Camtasia to provide recorded feedback instead of written review of assignments?

Consider the value of your voice explaining your perspective and grade for an assignment. This is a great way to increase student learning and engagement, and providing audio comments might also be a huge time-saver.

Camtasia Studio is a great solution for the online educator. You can grade assignments directly on your computer while capturing the screen in a screencast with your voice-over and/or video. The resulting movie is then loaded onto our servers and you are provided with a URL (web address) to share with the student privately. The student clicks the provided URL and is able to watch and listen to you as you go over their assignment and offer constructive criticism and support.

You can view tutorials on how to use Camtasia from the TechSmith website.